Morcinna Firewing

Her true form is almost angelic in appearance until you look closer and realize the devil is in the details. Where an angel has feet, she has black hooves covered in soft white fur. On her head smooth black demon horns, often plated in white hot metal, not to mention fearsome fangs and sharp ebony claws.

An angel is not always a welcome sight, even one with claws.. so she rarely takes this form, often taking the form of fawns, drow, humans, and other innocuous creatures. Those who know her, however, will always recognize her by the eyes, one red, one yellow.

Early History: Family

Morcinna shouldn’t exist. The product of multiple forbidden unions, she doesn’t fit in with her mostly Angelic Community. Her Father, Alexander is a full blooded Angel. As a member of the Blue flame, he was master of fire, and like the rest of his clan, forbidden from marrying outside his clan or without permission. But like his daughter, he was not good at following rules.

Her Mother, Morchella, too was the product of forbidden love, or lust or more likely both. Morchella’s mother was a White Angel named Charis, a race known for their beauty. Charis was no exception, arguably the fairest in her clan. Must to the dismay of her clan, she was Seduced by an Incubus and fell in love. The incubus and Charis both passed on their great beauty to their daughter Morchella. Born with an exotic mix of the best features of her parents’ races. Sadly, her Charis did not survive childbirth. Her father, being no Angel, abandoned the child to the care of its’ grandparents to be raised among angels, casting doubt on whether his motivations where the love he proclaimed to Charis, or the mere lust Incubuses are known for. Either way, Morchella was left to be raised by her grandparents. The accepted her completely, but the same could not be said for her community.

Incubus and Succubus both live about as long but reach maturity much quicker than a typical angelic race. Morchelle found herself somewhere in the middle, reaching physical maturity at 30, much sooner then the 120 years expected of a normal angelic child. Despite being beautiful and good natured, she never quite fits in anywhere for any length of time. Those her real age look at her like an adult, and those her physical age remember her as a baby. She’s still in earliest phases of her training when she finds hers succubus nature emerging, but because of her age, no one in the class saw her as a suitable mate.

It was in this frustrating situation that Alexander Appeared. As an Angel of the Blue Flame, his regiment came to the White Angels stronghold on it’s way to the war front. It was here Alex and Morchella met. Neither can tell you if it was true love at first sight or a manifestation of a Succubus’s need, but the attraction was immediate, and now years later, neither care how it happened. The two were forced to separate temporarily as the regiment moved on to the front. 3 years latter, war was over, and he came back to find Morchella had given birth to his child, Morcinna. He proposed immediately, without his clan’s permission. Thus Morcinnas family was complete.

Early History: Leaving Home

But it was not happily ever after for Morcinna. As she grew it became apparent she did not have the control of her abilities her mother had. As she came of age, she found she had the same problems as her mother and found herself wandering into human settlements to feed. She had no problems finding willing partners, until one day she fed too much, killing a bright-eyed teenager. It didn’t take long for word to spread, and despite her parent’s efforts, she soon found herself expelled from her own settlement.

Early History: Demon Beast Isle

Lost and alone in the world, she wanders until she finds herself in Demon Beast Island. She is horrified by what she finds but realizes there was an opportunity here. A place she can learn to control her demonic abilities, and find food strong enough to feed upon without harm.

It is here she stays for many years. She’s immediately taken in by the Tavern Owner Dalcus, and is soon helping him run the place. It would not be long after she took over its operation when he mysteriously disappeared from the isle for many months. She uses her position at the inn to do as much good as she can discreetly. Tending wounds, stopping fights and shielding slaves from raging demons. She laughs it off as “death is bad for business” but her true motivations aren’t that mercenary. At least at first.

She found the best meals were the demonic ones… powerful creatures she could milk to her heart’s content without fear of harming them…the trade off, however, was a creeping corruption as she took in their energies.  It turned her hair red, her hooves black and given her a much more demonic look. She didn’t notice at first, but after awhile she’d see it as her getting stronger… rationalizing that the alternative would be to feed on humans who likely would not survive the experience…

Along the way, she’d also meet Bryan, a Kitsune of no small power. He served her faithfully and she loved him for it. Nothing is forever, however, and the two eventually separated, leaving her rather bitter and disillusioned.

History: Traveling

Eventually, as is the way when you have too many large powerful entities in one place, the isle too would be no more. Destroyed by it’s own rulers, no longer a fit place for man, beast or demon to lay their head. Before the destruction was done, Morcinna herself would be cast out by the Queen herself.. labeled a heretic.

From there she would explore many lands, looking for a new place to establish herself, but would never quite get that same level of comfort again. She would, however, expand her skills… meeting other succubi and angels who would teach her how to harness her powers to the fullest… collecting loyal servants and allies along the way…on whom she’d call again and again.. including a Sayter she’d originall met on the isle…  Kram and her would shape a great deal of each others futures, although neither expected it at the time.

History: Kram

When Morcinna Met Kram, she was in love with another. Though she fed freely, Bryan was her “home”. So when Kram appeared, she thought him just another meal… an interesting meal.. but just a meal.

He apparently had no idea what Morcinna was, her horns and tails hidden at the time, or perhaps he’d have proceeded with more caution. But Kram was after all a Sayter, as much a creature of lust as nature could create. There are few natural creatures who can come close, and even a demoness would find one a worthy match for her desire, and Kram was no exception.

So when he arrived in her tavern and spotted her dancing on the sands, he did what he normally did with women… he sat and played… Normally at this point, the magic of his song would fill a mortal girl with a mindless lust….a toy for him to play with… but as he played… something different happened…. instead of entranced…Morcinna would look at him hungrily… no docile mindlessness… instead she looked at him like a tiger looks at a rabbit…. a rabbit that had just rung the dinner bell….

What followed was a heated exchange even before they touched…. the succubus continuing to dance… her pheromones and mind crawling over him….the Sayter playing, his song and scent ramping up her natural hunger… until at last she’d pounce the Fae, nearly mounting him on the sands for all to see before dragging him off into a back room for a rather.. loud… feeding session…



History: The Institute.

History: Modern (Recent Times -> Present)


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