“Wanna buy me a drink Sugar?” you’d hear her purr first before the sweetest of scents envelop you. Turning you’d see a short blond of the curviest proportions imaginable.. it not entirely clear how those bountiful mounds stay up as they sway and bounce gently with every little movement. She smiles sweetly at you, giggling a bit at your stare and take a moment to answer, delicate fingers tracing down your shoulder as she takes a seat next to you, “I’m Jillian.. and you are?” 


A pureblood young Succubus  Jillian spends as much time on the Material Planes as possible, often keeping a low profile by assuming the form of Neko or Elf or some other cute, unassuming species.

As a younger Succubus, she’s not as naturally powerful as her big sisters, a fact that they don’t let her forget. So when she’s not hunting and feeding she’s playing catch up.  Spending time to gain power the mortal way, by studying magic and tracking down powerful items to expand her capabilities, often sweet-talking such items right out of the hands of the Mortals on which she feeds upon.

Looking at her it is understandable to assume she is a simple creature… Her bimboish appearance and manner, large breasts, thick hips, blond hair and breathy voice can lead one to assume she is just that. And in a way she is. Cock Hungry, Vain and a Lover of Pretty things, she is the Midevil equivalent of a Valley Girl Bimbo. So it can be odd see when the conversation turns to magic, as it becomes obvious quickly the woman is highly intelligent even if she likes to keep that fact hidden.. a fact she’ll brush off if she can.

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Hair: Magika Serene
Head: Catwa Aisha
Body: Slink Hourglass
Implants: Sinful Needs Venus Inanna Keisha
Hands/Feet: Slink
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins (Apricot Tone)

Succubus Form:
Horns: Wicked Dip Imp Horns
Eyes (Succubus): Gauze
Claws: Empire Claws
Demon Wings: [M.O.R] bento demon wings
Demon Tail: Aii Bento Tail
Tattoos: Aii Mistress of Shadows

Neko Form:
Neko Ears: Neko Ears by Chimera (Freebee!)
Eyes (Neko): By Snow ~ Hybrid Eyes
Neko Tail: Vixen Tail
Corset: Elegance Boutique -Skirt & Corset “Pia”
Skirt + Belt: *JB* Elise Maxi Skirt
Belt Bags: Grabbed from Vagabond Outfit
Staff: Sun staff by Luas