Eva the Friendly Tentacle Monster

What were you expecting? A Monster?

As you sit down at the brothel bar you don’t notice anything unusual at first.. just the usual mix of whores and customers, each looking for the usual coins and pussy.  As you order your wine however you’d feel a gentle caress up your arms followed by soft breasts pressed against your back. “Well.. hello there handsome… you’re new here aren’t you?” an ebony skinned woman would purr in your ear, tilting so you can see her face as she licks her lips, her eyes dancing as you feel her tendrils wrap around your arms and stomach. “You here to make a friend tonight? You are a cutie… I do hope you have enough coin for me… I’m quite expensive…” 

Background: Once upon a time, Eva was just an elf. A plain, ordinary elf by the name of Evalynne Ertris. A mage’s apprentice, at least until her Master Sold her to settle a debt. She’d get passed around a bit more before finally landing in the hands of a particularly twisted individual who decided to use her for his experiments. He exposed her to Fell Energies, planted tentacles on her back and trained her to be the perfect sex toy for the truly perverted.

He would rent her out to Ladies and Men alike.. sissy boys, in particular, seemed to request her company a great deal.  He also had a fondness for watching her capture and rape virgins of both genders.  This was against her nature, but nothing heavy charm magics and brainwashing could not overcome. The mental tinkering so thorough that by the time she did rebel, she didn’t remember anything of her old life. She believed herself to be his creation even as she fled from him… leaning his tied and bound in a pit with a couple “failed” experiments…

Eventually, she’d make her way to CoV, and spend a bit of time working the brothel… a pleasant line of work when the customers are willing participants….


Body: Slink Hourglass
Hands/Feet: Slink
Skin: Lumae
Markings: Soul’s Ranitomeya Skin. (They all come with white versions of the Markings!)
Eyes: Gauze
Head: Logo Chloe
Ears: Stargazer Sylvan Ears
Hair: Magika Hush
Small Tentacles: Legs, Neck, Wrists, Heals
Tentacles: Rape TentaclesSpine Tentacles