The Ralines

What’s a Raline?

A Magical furry race, often mistakenly referred to as Chimeras, Ralines are humanoids with characteristics of felines, rodents, and rabbits. They’re a rather Vain Race, particularly the females who have NO idea that the adoration heaped upon them by other races isn’t due to some excess of beauty and grace, but by the very real mind altering chemical, their body fluids contain.  Because of this, Ralines have convinced themselves they are the Most Beautiful of races, after all…anyone who says otherwise clearly is jealous and quickly changes their tune once they get to know one of them.

Men: Raline society is strictly Matriarchal with men are a rare, prized resource. Outnumbered 50 to 1, men are expected to breed and father as many Ralines as possible, often bedding a new woman every night. Occasionally a man and woman will bond themselves together, allowing him to have a single Mistress and home.. slowing down but not stopping the rapid string of women using him.  In these cases, he is still expected to help 3-5 women each week, but can do so from the comfort of his and his Mistresses home and his Mistress can establish more favorable terms.. such perhaps getting multiple visits done on a single day, or even getting an entire week on occasion.


Narcotic Nectar: The female nectar, spit, even semen of this race is highly addictive and produces a love-potion type effect in the imbiber.  The Ralines do not realize this since they appear to be resistant, if not immune to its effects.

Shape-shiftingRalines are natural shape shifters. According to them, this form isn’t even their original one. They will happily explain that they collectively honed and perfected their species identity into something as Unique and Beautiful as was physically possible. A self-made physical identity for them all to be proud of.  It is why, so they claim, they are the most beautiful of races because they made it so! Still, they’ll often disguise themselves as other humanoids when walking among them, to “shield them from our overwhelming beauty”. Often citing fears that their appearance would interfere with a species natural mating order.. the men no longer able to gaze upon their own females as fondly….  of course.. this also shields them from other races dissuading them of their belief in their own unassailable beauty.

Magic: A highly Magical Race, they sport a rather high number of Sorceresses, all Female.

What Makes a Raline:

Body: Slink Hourglass
Skin: Grey Rabbit by DSD
Legs: Catseye DigiPaws
Breasts: Sinful Needs
Face: Curious Chinchilla
Ears: Invisible Designs Ears
Tail: Dainty Tail by Hoo
Neck: Omega Neckblender
Hair: Kare by Truth, Sorcery by Magika