Mistress M

Is it an Outfit post? A Character Bio? Both?

Bio:  Your Average do-gooder… or so everyone thinks. She sees no reason to out her true motives to anyone. Why would she?

A natural born Telepath/Telekinetic, her Telepathic abilities are fairly weak.. perhaps only a 1 or 2 on the Mutant Power Scale. If however, she can get in close physical proximity, she has a much easier time worming her way into someone’s thoughts…even alter them….with enough skin to skin contact she’s able to control all but the strongest willed utterly, and she is not above eliciting VERY close contact.. often sleeping with targets to turn them into thralls.




The Outfit

Bracelets: Old Gifty from Sn@tch
Catsuit: Insanya Inworld
Hair: May Group Gift from Truth VIP (Kare)
Body: Slink Hourglass
Head: Catwa Aisha
Mask: Illusions